Core Courses with Customized Options for Officer Survival Training

Combat footwork training

Field training

The following are highlights from our core courses. Our training can be customized to meet your departmental needs.

Instinctive Hand-to-Hand Combat Course

This course is a hands-on approach to real world combatives with an emphasis on officer survival and proper use of force. Footwork, striking, takedowns and control holds, and ground fighting are just some of what we cover. Much of the course teaches training drills to lay a foundation for future in house training. We emphasize the basics because they will never let you down. Then, by chaining the basics together the system becomes very advanced. It is our intention to push students physically to show them they can keep going and never give up. It is also our intention for students to ENJOY this type of training, not dread it and therefore they will continue practicing what they learn. Attendees work at their own skill level so all are encouraged to attend. Students will finish the day exhausted but gain confidence in their own skills as well as their co-worker’s abilities.

Tactical Entry/Active Shooter Response Training Course

This foundational program consists of CQB training, tactical thinking, and teamwork drills. It is designed for all street level officers but has been presented to numerous Tactical/SWAT teams as well. This flexible system of room clearing techniques is taught to small groups down to just a two-person team. We teach proven tactics which can be used by any number of personnel in any type of structure, which is the reality of what officers will be confronted with. Elements of Dynamic Entry, Stealth Search, and Active Shooter scenarios are addressed in this program. Students will be put “on the same page” as far as to their approach and concepts to clearing any type of structure. Officers will gain confidence not only in their abilities but those of their co-workers.

Felony / High Risk Vehicle Stop Training Course

This course covers tactics and options for Felony/High Risk Vehicle Stops. It is designed to get agencies on the same page with their tactical considerations and emphasizes a teamwork approach. Whether it is a felony stop, car chase conclusion, or a suicidal subject we emphasize officers should never blindly run up to the vehicle which is essentially a barricaded subject(s) who have a mobile option.


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